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    On my May VZW bill suddenly appeared 5,000 minutes of "data charges". Total bill $650 where $130 was the norm (4 phones, 1000 shared minutes, no data plan). I have a Treo 600 that I use as a phone and PDA, hotsynching to Outlook on two PC's for contacts, calendar, & notes, but never websurfing or downloading email. Two weeks and ~15 support tech's/managers later, I think it's resolved, but the overcharges will take 2 cycles to reconcile.

    Bottom line is nobody could explain why I suddenly began to be charged to USB synch to a PC - something I'd be doing for 6-7 months w/o incident. One "call", btw, was for 1400 minutes! Most were in the low 100s. In the end, somebody somewhere has supposedly changed a setting within the VZW system to stop it from happening in the future. I'm keeping an eye on it.

    VZW customer service staff are trained to be very polite, but most are clueless, irrational parrots. Most told me that the charges were legit, that I had to pay up, and I should pay $45/mo for unltd data to avoid charges in the future. One moron told me that I should "keep my phone turned off"! It took me a week to figure out that hotsynching was the culprit. Then I got a few "the phone has to call the tower even w/ a USB connection" explanations. Nobody could explain what changed in May at VZW or exactly what they've done to fix the problem. The last guy I talked to, the one person who understood the problem, did give me his direct # so he could help me through the next two rounds of billing hell to come.

    Finally, the reason I don't use the web on this phone is that the first time I used it I got charged a couple hundred minutes for a 5 minute test - and customer service was unapologetic and unhelpful. So I haven't used it since.
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    same crap has happened to me with them as well... I was charged a few hundred minutes for my phone having stayed "connected" to the Internet (I use it modem sometimes) and the bastards could not take care of it. Turns out it would stay in data connection while I was actually off the internet, so I was being charged minutes for all that usage. I finally spoke to a lady who said she recognized the problem, was going to take care of it, and would call me the next day when the credits were put back in. I got no call from her, and when I called VZW again, they told me the previous person had noted that "no credit was due" on the account. Talk about unprofessional and unwilling to help in any way - and I've been a VZW customer for over 10 years. If it wasn't for the cell reception all around the country, I would have been "OUT" a long time ago!
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    Ditto here. June statment that ended on the 16th says my wife used 6.2 MB. On the 18th it said she was at 7.1 MB. Considering on the 17th we were at the beach all day and the 18th we were driving from SC to NJ this is not right. They are telling me that my wife used over 1,000 minutes to download 500 KB on the 15th and it carried over. That's almost 17 hours. Impossible. And not really applicable because it's a KB usage that counts here, I could be online for 2 weeks and if I am just looking at one page my KB usage would still be very low. Clearly something went screwy between the June billing cycle and July where they messed up something huge and it's unacceptable that this cn't be explained. Her explanation is that the phone is always on, which is not true. Unless that orange light is on it's not transfering data nor is it connected and if WirelessSync is not activated it can't just turn on by itself. I had her check how many voice calls there were during this 17 hour window that my wife was allegedly online. After 15 minutes her floor coordinator comes on and tells me the 7.1 MB of usage I saw on the 18th was still for last month but the 7.4 I see today is actually since last week. Makes no sense. So on the phone for an hour I learned that the data department has no clue what they are doing. This whole thing about not being able to chart usage until after the statement cuts is ridiculous.

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