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    Than any of the four other VZW phones in my family share plan

    I waited MONTHS for the 650 to become available on Verizon. VZW's service is so much better on Long Island/NYC than any other carrier (the four other phones on my current family share plan were on ATT, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Nextel).

    I had a lowly V60S that NEVER dropped a call or lost a signal anywhere I usually go in months. My 650 is CONSTANTLY getting "no service" in my house, where I was always able to use a VZW phone as reliably as a cordless.

    BTW, this is my second one - I swapped the first one out within 15 days thinking it may have been a dud.

    An hour on the phone today with VZW - I tell you... the reps there made me worry about the effects of second hand stupidity.

    Can I be the only one who is frustrated by spending $519 for a device that can't function as well as a cell phone as a freebie from VZQ??
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