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    if the samsung i730 had a camera i would most likely get that....but it doesnt. i know this is the treo website, but im looking for some advice. the treo 650 is $200 cheaper which is a plus. i probally wont use evdo so that really isnt a factor. anyone that has a treo 650 and is dumping it for the i730, please tell me why. do i want to pay $200 more for wifi? i guess that is the question, and im leaning toward , no.....i think...i cant decide...

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    post this down in the "other handhelds" forum... you will likely generate more interest and a response... also wait a few days until the i730 is released to the business sector... and 2 weeks until public sector release... more people will be getting their hands on them
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    The fact that the i730 runs Windows Mobile is enough for me to not even consider it.

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