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    I have 5 months left on my 2-year contract and just was curious to know when you're eligible for your NE2 upgrade for phones? Is it every 2-years "on the nose" or would they let you resign your contract a few months before your 2 years is up?

    Another question....I think I know the answer but still had to ask. My wife and myself are on the family plan. We only get one $100 off price break. Is that correct?

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    I used the NE2, about 3 months early. I think the CSR who takes your order can check your usage history etc, and can qualify you for an early upgrade, which is what happened to me.
    As far as I know, the NE2 applies to each PHONE on the accout, not to the individual account, so you may be in luck.
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    General policy is within 2 months of contract expiration (10 months into a 1-year, or 22 months into a 2-year).
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    if you've got some time, it can't hurt to call customer service and ask. There's a verizon store around the corner from me, and the mgr there told me that the CSR's have more flexibility in offering rebates/discounts/etc. towards the end of a two year contract.
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    I have AC Family and have been told that only the primary phone is eligble for the NE2 discount. The add ons are not.
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    I have also learned that the primary lines are the only ones eligible for the $100 NE2 upgrade credit; the 'shared' phones are only eligible for contract pricing.

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    Unless the policy has changed in the past 10 months, that isn't correct. 10 months ago I upgraded all 3 phone on my family share and got NE2 for all 3....

    Another VZ mystery. Probably just depends on the rep.
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    My contract was up Aug. 30, they told me I could use my NE2 starting June 30 (not before) I called customer service and pleaded my case and due to my history with them, they let me use it a month earlier. I told the guy "hey I am a sure thing!"
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    I'm also waiting. My contract is up in September, but I was told I could upgrade 2 months early, in July.

    I have a family share account, and was told the upgrade only applies to the primary number (I use the secondary number, my wife uses the primary). So, 1st rep I talked to said I could make my number the primary number so I could use the upgrade. Then talked to a 2nd rep that said it didn't matter, the upgrade only applies to the original primary number. Same rep however said that I could order the upgrade for my wife's phone, then switch numbers between our phones.

    I guess I will wait a month and see what new story I get.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lnoble
    I have AC Family and have been told that only the primary phone is eligble for the NE2 discount. The add ons are not.
    Hmm, our add on phones are eligible - my hubby got a new phone just this past December.

    They would not let me use my NE2 when I got the treo (I was four months short) but the other discounts I wound up getting was better anyway.

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    I just bought my Treo 20 months into my contract, knowing I was not eligible for NE2. When the guy at the store looked up my account he reminded me that if I waited till September I could use my NE2. I said I knew, but I couldn't wait that long. He got me the discount anyway. He seemed a little surprised, he said they're usually pretty strict about that. So I guess it must be something about your account status that they make the decision by. I don't think there's anything particularly special about my account, I pay my bills on time, but that's about it.

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