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    Hi all,

    Strongly considering bailing on my VZW contract with 6 mos remaining and going to Sprint immediately. With promotions and cancellation fees, and figuring in unlimited wireless, I stand to save $100 vs staying on VZW over the next 6 months. (waiting out my contract and not buying a treo til december saves $400).

    Has anyone migrated their phones from VZW to Sprint? If I buy a 650 w/out extending my contract, should I plan to sell on ebay in December or just migrate it to a new Sprint contract?

    Most threads discuss verizonizing a Sprint 650, not the other way around.

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    impossible (for all arguments sake) to bring a treo 650 from verizon to sprint...however

    know that in about 4-6 months or whenever your plan is up, there may be a evdo treo on sprint's plate, or a ppc treo ;-)
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    So I'm still in limbo-- I'm not willing to buy a PDA, but need a PDA device. I'm 99% certain I'll be switching to Sprint when my contract is up.

    What do you all think of this idea?

    Buy a Sprint 650 retail or via ebay. Then Verizon-ize it to finish my 6 month contract. When I can sign up with Sprint, I'll restore the Sprint firmware, get my family plan, and sell off one of the family plan phones (or buy a new smartphone and keep this one for the wife).

    Anybody see any drawbacks? I can only see an issue if I have hardware problems and need to return it to Sprint/Palmone for service.

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    well I have a verizonized treo 650 and i was looking at Sprint. Right now im on verizon and payin $99.00 for 2000ne time mins and free nights and weekends and long $20 each additional total before taxes for me is like $160 plus taxes is like $200.00 yea fruckin taxes is like $40 with verizon...and then add insurance is $5.99 per line and text for me 200 for $2.99 a mo....comes to a total of like $220 per month for a cell like to jump to sprint if its cheaper and then I would just move my treo back over to sprint from verizon


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