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    Regarding getting an upgrade thru TEP to a 700p, I highly doubt it will happen anytime soon if ever. They GENERALLY will not upgrade a customer to a Power Vision device if their current device is Vision only.

    Also why do you suppose Palm is buying back 650's at such a premium?? My guess is to be able to provide a good supply of refurbs to the Carriers. I don't think they will be any supply issues with the 650 for some time.
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    I have had two Lockline experiences.

    About 6 months ago, my wife managed to ruin her 650 by spilling a drink on it. I explained the cause and paid the $50 deductible. It was orange (Jamba Juice) behind the keys that gave away the damage as externally induced so lying about it would have been stupid as well as illegal. The replacement was a new looking 650- it might have been a referb, but was so new looking and performing that I did not care.

    Second experience was today. Wife's replacement 650 (see above) started to malfunction. The phone would not unlock unless you poped the SD card out and poped it back in. Also, the menu key worked only occasionally. I explained the problem and will receive a phone on Tuesday of next week. The CSR said she was ordering a 650. If I get anything different I will post this thread.

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    To check if it is refurbished, go to the phone app. / dial pad and type in ##786#

    In the screen that follows, scroll down until you see something like "Reconditioned Status". It should say "Yes" or "No".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonman
    TEP=Total Equiment protection. It does not matter where you got the phone or even if the phone was used when you got it. If you have TEP or even the $3/mo ESRP You can have your phone repaired or replaced at any Sprint Store, Free of charge.(provided that there is no liquid damage or the phone is not damaged beyond repair, these conditions are handled thru Lock/line only, with a $50 deductible and the phone is shipped to you. this is the other part of TEP.)

    If you don't have ESRP or TEP you can still have the phone serviced under the same conditions as previously stated, but there is a $15, $35 or $55 charge (plus tax).

    Dragonman, can you confirm my understanding of these...

    ESRP - Service Program - $3/month - covers malfunctioning devices - does not cover liquid, cosmetic, misuse, or abuse

    ERP - Insurance Program - $4/month - lock\line - covers lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged - does not cover malfunction

    TEP - Insurance Program - $6/month - combines ESRP and ERP - essentially covers anything that could go wrong with phone


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    About 6 months ago, my 2.5-year old 600 started acting up (battery issue). I went to a Sprint store to ask about the issue. The agent there said that he could add ESRP for me, but they didn't do swap outs, etc. He added it, I drove to the closest store that did repair processing, and within 2 days I had a refurbished 600 that looked new. Lucked out I guess
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    A couple questions...

    I got my Treo 650 on 5/18. A few days ago I noticed 1 (yes, just 1--I realize I'm anal) stuck pixel that showed up green. As I'd just shelled out a pretty penny for my Treo, I wanted it to be perfect. I have the TEP, so I figured I'd be covered. I went to the Sprint store and they told me since it was over 30 days old (by like 12 days!), I couldn't swap it for a new phone. I could go through lockline for $50 and get a refurbished phone, or contact palmone and have them mail me a refurbished phone for $25 (they have a mandatory DHL charge of $25 for this option).

    I've read this post and saw ergosum's post about the $10 in-store TEP replacement option. The Sprint employee never mentioned that (actually, he was kind of a **** in that he just spouted Sprint's corporate policy and walked away).

    I'm a little confused...when I signed up for the TEP, it sounded like I could bring my phone in for ANY issue and have it fixed/replaced for free. But now I'm finding out there's a $50 deductible each time?

    Does the sprint store's unwillingness to help me have to do with the fact that it's 1 pixel and not a faulty keyboard, etc? Is the $10 in-store TEP replacement still in effect? If the TEP combines the Equipment Replacement Program and the Equipment Service & Repair Program (which "protects against mechanical and electrical failure due to normal wear and tear, as well as defects"), shouldn't they have at least swapped my screen for a working one for $0?

    Just looking for some info. here as it seems like I got kind of a raw deal
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    Update, I called Sprint and they told me the guy at the store was wrong. I went back and the store ordered a replacement refurbished TReo 650 to swap for me for no charge. And they creditted my account for the $25 that I lost from calling PalmOne.

    It all worked out in the end.
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    Well, at least you didn't get two wrong answers! I always ask three-four different times (store, corporate care, AE, customer service) if I don't believe them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexdouglas
    Update, I called Sprint and they told me the guy at the store was wrong.
    What a surprise! I've been a Sprint customer for maybe five years or more (Samsung and Motorola phones before my first Treo, early in 2005..) and in my personal experience, you could ask the exact same question of ten different Sprint reps (in their stores or through *2..) .. and get ten different answers. You talk to one, they quote you prices for various plan options, or services, you talk to another one and they tell you the first guy/girl was wrong. I've had this experience so many times I've lost count.

    The head honchos at Sprint, at least the highest level of customer service that a customer can actually reach are called VIP Executive Analysts in the
    Executive & Regulatory Services department. They work out of Sprint's Kansas City, MO headquarters. I have gone through them a couple times to get broken CSR promises fixed, mis-quoted plan rates fixed, promised and broken credits applied, with total satisfaction each time. The Executive Analysts are highly trained, long-time professionals who have something most of the CSRs and store people lack: people skills. They know that an unhappy customer will turn into a former customer, and won't recommend Sprint to anyone.

    One shouldn't have to resort to escalating a problem to their level, but sometimes that's what it takes. And they DO deliver results. That's why they're there.

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    Want to know why NOT to just put the phone on your home policy and be done with it? Same reason you don't go to the body shop if someone very slightly dings your door in a parking lot even if you have no deductible... because your premiums will rise ESPECIALLY if it's a BS claim. If your home/renter's insurance raised by 1% because of a Treo claim, you'd be screwed.

    Now, this is not necessarily true for everyone. Indeed, some people have awesome insurance companies that don't care about small claims like phones. However, some people have gotten reamed on this, and I highly recommend that you check out the Net for people's experiences with certain companies.
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