I have had a Treo 600 with Sprint for one year now (replaced once, due to the infamous buzzing issue). As I have spent most of my time in the Phoenix, Arizona area, the reception has not been that bad with only an occasional dropped call. However, my work is regularly taking me just outside this metropolitan area now and I am beginning to have more problems with placing and receiving calls. Here are some of the things that I am seeing:

1. Signal bars showing as high as 50% until I attempt to place a call, at which time the call does not connect with the “out of network” message. Once the call attempt is terminated, the signal bars show 0% and quickly return to the previous stronger signal strength. In some locations, this is a consistent problem until I move a few miles.

2. Signal bars showing as high as 75% for an incoming call, but the call is lost spontaneously (while standing still in an outdoor area). When I look at the signal strength after a dropped call, it reads 0%. This issue can happen anywhere.

According to the Sprint PCS coverage map, this has all been happening in a areas saturated with digital coverage. I have taken in my phone for a diagnostic check twice and it passes. So, are my problems the nature of this technology or is this an issue for me to push for a third Treo 600 replacement? Regardless, I really do miss that (analog) Motorola brick that I used to use in the 90’s!

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Dr. Z.