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    Here's another source that spells Sprint's rollout differently. It says Sprint EVDO will reach 130 million users by year end and 150m next year. Sprint has also said 100% of network will go EVDO. Sprint does have a record of eventually converting 100% of network to all services so EVDO to 250m users is possible eventually.

    It seems a waste to rollout EVDO to rural areas as WiMAX will economically compete better in that space. And Sprint does have a WiMAX strategy for about 2008 rollout.
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    Where I live, no cell provider has very good coverage. Verizon is the best here. I find 1X speeds to be plenty for what I use it for. No EVDO anywhere near here, so I really don't care that the Treo 650 doesn't support it. As for Sprint...their coverage stinks in my area, has stunk and actually gotten worse over the last few years, so I will stick with Verizon for at least another two years.
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    The higher data speeds aren't worth it to everyone (and I wonder if Sprint will raise the costs significantly?)
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    ^For road warriors on laptops, it is worth it for those who depend on the Net for a living. No more hotspot searching is a big deal for me. For smartphones, it would not be worth $80/month but maybe up to $30/month assuming it can also be used for DUN.

    Sprint's rate for laptop cards are the same as Verizon at $80/month. They haven't set smartphone prices yet.

    Rumors are out that Verizon will lower price to $59/month, starting a price war with Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilghost
    It's such a big deal for me I just went home and set fire to my Treo 650 and stabbed a hole in my chest using a prybar.
    thats the funniest thing i have ever read. some people need a reality check, and this was one of them. well done
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