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    Ok, so t600 ebay prices are attractive, and the phone should hold me over until I finish school and can afford the next big thing (should be onto the T7XX by then).

    Question: what do I need to know about a Verizon T600 to be relatively confident that I'll be able to activate it on my current Verizon contract? I've heard that some phones are "disabled" if Verizon has them registered as stolen or lost. Is this true?

    (I tried searching for combinations of "ebay verizon treo 600 activiation" and got lots of information about activating a Sprint 600 on Verizon, but nothing about a Verizon 600 on Verizon. THANKS FOR ANY ANSWERS)
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    It is important that you get the ESN# from the ebay posting, and verify that it is ok with Verizon before you make that purchase. If not, you may be out of luck when it gets to you. Other than that, it is the simple matter of activating the new phone on your current plan.
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