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    I just got a new GM car and took advantage of being able to add Onstar to my Verizon minutes for $10/month. Pretty slick. You also have to subscribe to Onstar but I have it free for the first year anyway. The car gets it's own phone number so you can call forward from your cell phone when you are on the road. Any minutes used are just charged to your normal plan.

    As usuall, the csr was very helpful and, the highlight of the call was that she found a Treo 650 in stock (which I have been struggling with for weeks) and it will be here Friday.

    If you have Onstar and Verizon, you might want to look into it.
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    MarkD, I too am wanting to use my OnStar account with my 650. This may sound like a crazy question, but where on your VZW 650 do you set up call forwarding? I used to have a Sprint 600 and the set up was under phone general preferences.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    *72xxx-xxx-xxxx forwards to a different number so I just put my Onstar number there. *720 turns forwarding off.

    I created a couple favorites buttons for forwarding and turning it off. Verizon told me there is no forwarding charge.
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    I use *73 to turn off call forwarding.
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    That makes sense, but The verizon CSR told me star seven two zero.

    I think it works. I'll play tomorrow.
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    Thanks MarcD. I appreciate your help!

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