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    I am thinking about upgrading from a LG-4500 to a Treo 600 with Verizon. The problem I am having with my LG-4500 is that when I receive a SMS message it blanks out the current phone call for a second. Since I am a computer network administrator I somtimes get several SMS messages all in a row when servers crash etc. This pretty much renders the LG useless while it is receiveing SMS messages. As you can immagine this is a big pain especialy when trying to conmmunicate with co-workers while working on problems. Does the Treo 600 with Version blank out the phone when receiveing a SMS message from email?
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    I'm not entirely positive here, but i am deaf and use my treo 600 only for text messaging. However, sometimes I will call a friend and read something to her that I've written, and she will reply while we are still on the phone with a text message...sometimes a few in a row very quickly. It never has any impact on our phone conversation as I will reply back to her with my voice as soon as I read it. The text just pops up on the screen and doesn't interupt the phone call at all that I notice. However, being deaf, I wouldn't exactly notice BUT...she has never complained and always hears my replies. The only complaint was that she can hear the phone vibrating to alert me of the SMS.

    Hope that helps?

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