I just wanted to share my experience at the Lasalle store in Chicago with everybody. Here's the rundown.

Basically, I Had problems with my Treo 600 constantly going straight to vmail when people called and the battery kept on draining in less than a day even without use. So then I went to the store 3 separate times with issues and had to really get on them the 3rd time to realize that there was something wrong with my phone. They finally said they were going to give me a replacement. After reading on these forums, I have heard so many bad things about replacements so I asked if they could upgrade me and have me play the difference. The guy I was talking to (James) said he had some pre-owned 650's in the back and he could sell it to me for $400. I reluctantly agreed because it was still really expensive. Also given that I had already paid almost that much for my 600 I didn't see why I would have to basically pay almost the same for another one. Anyway, everything was set and he said to come back the next day to pick it up since he technically couldn't do it that day because the pre-owned phones were not ready to be sold yet (for some reason).

The next day I go back on my lunch break (my 4th visit) and I talk to James who now tells me that the phone he had promised me was already promised to somebody else by one of the techs. By this point I was a little annoyed but still willing to work with him, after all he was trying to help me out. He then sends me to the store on Monroe and Wacker, which is on the other side of the loop. He told me that he spoke with the tech and that they definitely have some 650's there and that they can take care of me there. So after work I go to the Monroe store and talk to a rep there and explain everything that happened. She calls James and they talk about some stuff then she tells me that she can't sell me the pre-owned $650.

Now, at this point, I am more than annoyed and ask her why? She says that because my phone isn't more than 18mo old and such and such that she can't sell me the 650 even though I had just been told by another rep at the Lasalle store to come all the way across town to this store. Immediately I run up to the Lasalle store to have a chat with James. When I get there (I'm a little sweaty from running all over and really po'd at this point), I find out that James is gone for the day already..... ughhhh, he must've taken off asap cause he knew I was coming back to let him know what a runaround he has given me.

Enter Willie, another rep in the Lasalle store who is very nice and quite knowledgable about how Sprint works. I explain to him what James has put me through and I find out that James really doesn't know what he's talking about. Willie then goes to the back room to talk with a manager and reappears with a 650 in hand. Finally!! I thought.... until Willie tells me that in order to get the phone I'd have to sign a 2 year agreement.... James didn't say anything about resigning an agreement, but according to policy this was the only way I could do it. Well according to policy I wasn't even supposed to get the upgrade but that's besides the point now. Anyway, at this point I figured I might as well do it since I probably won't leave sprint anyway. Willie then rings up the phone and it rings up at only $299, which is great cause originally it was supposed to be $399 according to James. Also, somehow I was able to keep my old treo 600. Anyway the bottom line to this story is that Willie is the man, James isn't, and I have an extra Sprint Treo 600 for sale... interested???