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    A friend of mine ordered a Verizon Treo 650 from P1 aprox. 3 weeks ago. At the time, P1 was showing a 3-4 week ship time on their site. No updates yet on when shipment will take place. I just checked their web site, and they are reporting a 1-2 week ship time. What gives??
    BTW, I am interested because I am buying his used Treo 600, and won't get it until he gets the new one.
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    They are still backordered. I was told from todays date it would take 1-2 more weeks before they get any in their warehouse. They have no F***ing idea when they are getting a shipment, they just keep guessing on the date.
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    I received a defective T650 from P1 on 5/23 and had been waiting for a replacement. Frustrated over the amount of time it was taking and also alarmed by all the problems associated with the T650....I decided to stick with my problem-free T600 a bit longer and I called P1 to cancel the replacement and requested a refund last week. I was told I would receive the return label via email in a few days.

    A week later - after not receiving a return label - I call P1 last night to enquire. I am put on hold and when the rep comes back I am told that the replacement is being shipped overnight Friday (today) or Monday at the latest.

    I say..but I cancelled and you were supposed to send me a return label. They say simply refuse shipment when it arrives and that they will email me a return label today.

    I have yet to see the return label in email - and the big question is whether they are really shipping the replacement today or Monday.

    P1 really seems to not have their act together.
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    I got mine today!!! Mine was a replacement too
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    FYI, I ordered a 650 on 06/15, and got it today, so I guess that they are out there. I ordered directly from Verizon.

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