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    I am looking ahead to the eventual fate of my Kyocera 7135. I know that it will not last forever and would like some feedback from those that have the Treo 650 and have used the 7135. I use Verizon and am stuck with it. I am also considering a Samsung i600, but only because I really like a flip phone. The Samsung may not even be in the running, however, because it is not Palm based. Comments and comparisons?
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    I used the 7135 for two years prior to upgrading to the 650 last month. Here's a brief run down:

    - I like filp phone form factor better, but I also like the fact that the 650 is thinner.
    - The signal reception on the 650 seems to be a little weaker than the 7135. Also, the lack of analog capability is a downside. Could be bigger problems if you're frequently in low digital coverage areas, I'm usually not.
    - I was never a big fan of graffiti, so the thumbboard is a very welcome addition.
    - The five-way navigation button allows you to control almost every facet of the 650 with one hand, much better than the up-down-ok button on the 7135.
    - Bluetooth is excellent. I use it with a Sony hbh-660 headset, a Parrot CK3100 car kit and for syncing with my laptop. Very nice not to need cables for anything.
    - The hi-res screen is awesome.
    - Faster processor and OS5 allows you to use all the newer multimedia apps out there.
    - Web Browsing is much better with Blazer 4.0
    - Nice to have a built in camera.
    - One thing I really liked on the 7135 was the ability to switch in and out of the phone app without having to lose what you were doing in another app by hitting the phone icon on the graffiti pad. The 650 doesn't do this. Not too big of a deal though.

    That's all I can think of right now. Although there are a couple of negative trade-offs, there are many more positives. I'm glad I made the switch.

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    Thanks for the input. Flip phone is still important to me. Was this hard to get used to? (non flip phone)
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    I thought it would take some time, but I adjusted pretty quickly.
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    There are some nice "flip style" leather cases out there. Almost the same! :-)
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    I've had the i600 for a year and a half after coming from the 6035. My wife has the Treo 650.

    Benefits of the i600 compared to 6035 and 650:
    - Flip phone protects the screen, no accidental key presses
    - small form factor
    - pretty sturdy
    - one-handed operation in terms of dialing and accessing contacts is great
    - Exchange ActiveSync allows over the air sync for calendar, contacts, email directly to server (if applicable and IT dept allows it).

    - battery life
    - Smartphone OS has a number of quirks (look at the i600 forum at and see)
    - No OS upgrade path to Windows Mobile 5.0
    - T9 input, while not bad, is substantially more difficult than graffiti or the 650 keyboard, essentially rendering it a read-only device except for critical email.
    - No bluetooth
    - It's old
    - Much more limited pool of applications available for Smartphone

    Bottom line: it will be difficult for me to give up having a small, slip into my pocket, sync with outlook device, but I'm about ready to move on to an i730 or back to Palm with the Treo. Unless you can get the i600 for dirt cheap or money is no object, I wouldn't spend the money on it. It is about to be obsolete. Other thing to keep in mind...the i600 is definitely on the phone-first, PDA-second end of the spectrum. If that's what you're after, it isn't bad, but I'd still wait until they drop the price way low or wait until the i645 or whatever it is comes out (but still no Bluetooth!!??!?)
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