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    Hey Guys,

    I activated my Treo 650 through Verizon on May 22nd. At the time of the activation, I asked to have them put the data plan on my plan. Everything was great until I recieved my bill, with a price tag of $462.63! Basically, they said I have the unlimited data plan, which covered all of my data, but didnt cover minutes I used up. The three hefty data charges all came from one day, 5/25/05. When I first activated my phone, the tech operator told me that with the data plan, I wouldn't be charged my minutes while using the treo for data. I only have about 500 anytime minutes since almost all of my friends and family are on Verizon and are in the IN Calling Network. So basically what I get from the operator is that I was charged b/c I went over my minutes. I then asked the operator why I was charged all of these charges and was not charged overage minutes on data for the rest of my bill. I use my Treo everyday during all hours and would assume that if I went over, I would be charged the remaining weekdays on my plan. She told me that I should have been charged, but that they must of made a mistake and didnt charge me.

    Can anyone shed some light on my problem? Even with the unlimited data plan, does Verizon still charge minutes used?

    Thanks in advance!
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    With unlimited data, you should not be charged any data fees, including minutes of data usage. You would only be charged minutes for cell phone usage, outside the IN Network, during weekdays.
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    Thanks for the reply. I told the Verizon operators that and they said I WOULD be charged for minutes used also. I would have never purchased the treo and activated the 44.99/month plan (30 bucks more than sprint!) if I knew I would be charged minutes!! The big charges were shown on my bill as "data" and the number was something like (777) 000-0001 or something like that (bill isn't in front of me.)

    I'd appreciate any more responses before I call Verizon again!!

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    you should be able to get your money back. call up cs and explain them what you told us. if you can get the employee name that sold you the phone. just got straight to the managers and you should be fine.
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    Keep fighting them. They tried to do the same thing to me last December and after 5 phonecalls finally refunded me the difference. The problem lies in the delay in data activation after phone activation - the billing clones can't figure this out for themselves and may require a Verizon data specialist to explain their jobs to them.
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    I've been a happy Verizon customer for years, but at this point the next screwup I have with them when it comes to data plans will be the last - I intend to switch to Sprint if I keep on having to deal with Verizon's BS when it comes to data.

    I just got off the phone with them trying to cancel my unlimited data plan for the SECOND time, after telling them I didn't want it when I bought the phone. Last time I called them they refunded my money for the past month of data and said they were removing the plan, but somehow I wound up back on the $45/mo all-you-can-eat plan.
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    Kupe was right on the money! After going through a couple customer support agents on the phone without any luck, I finally went down to the Verizon store. The girl took my bill to her manager and returned ten minutes later telling me that my account will be credited on the next billing cycle. A technician who overheard my problem mentioned that the data plan activation delay is a known problem. I'm very happy that my problem got fixed but still a little ticked that I was basically called an ***** by the cs agent and her manager. I tried to explain the problem to them multiple times, but they kept saying that it was my problem and that they would only credit me $100 bucks since I was in the first month of my data plan.

    Thanks for the help once again TC!!!

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