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    From what I can decipher on SPrint's website it appears to me that my Sprint Treo 650 can not work when I visit Berlin in a few weeks and also won't work when go to Japan a few weeks later.

    Any chance that anyone has found a way to get their Sprint Treo to work in either Germany or Japan?
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    Sprint uses a CDMA network, and your Treo650 is CDMA only. Cingular/Tmobile phones are on a GSM network, which is what Europe uses. So you are correct, that your phone will not work while over there.
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    In all of Europe, the only place I've ever gotten my 650 to work (Sprint) was Paris. Bill was astronomical though!!
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    It is not possible to use Treo in Japan. It seems that the only way to use your phone in there is to have Samsung's IP-A790. It will still be expensive to make a call from there.

    It might be easier/cheaper to buy a prepaid phone once you get there.
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    Thanks everyone...oh well.

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