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    A few weeks ago I was given a Treo 650, the problem was that it is a Sprint and I am a customer of Verizon Wireless. I really want to get this phone working on my Verizon Network but I don't know how to do it. Now that Verizon has released the 650, I thought maybe I might have more options as to how i might get my Sprint 650 to work on my Verizon Network. My question to you guys is what are my options as to how I can make it possible? I appreciate all replies, comments, and answers. Thank You!
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    I'll appreciate all replies, comments, and answers. Anybody?
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    I would reccommend selling it and putting that $$$ tword the Verizon version.

    ANy custom modifying/tinkering you make to the phone to get it to work on Verizon could void damage the phone.

    The other advantage to this would be the fact that you would have a wararnty and the ability to get the insurance for your phone.
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    I agree... you should sell it, and get yourself one that you can use with your preferred carrier. Make sure you get the insurance on it as well.
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    I am actually thinking of selling my Sprint Treo 650 and switching to a Verizon 650. My husband is on Verizon and he hates Sprint. . . we want a family plan with our teenage daughter also added. I don't mind Sprint (I never travel) but the one GOOD thing about Sprint is the data cost. It is cheap. I am paying $10 for unlimited data. What would the same cost me on Verizon? $45?? I will probably make the switch . . . wonder what I can sell my T650 for? I have had it for 4 months and I love the thing...
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    You're probably better off selling it as recommended above, but it is possible to convert it.

    If you really want to convert it, check out this thread. I was able to get my MSL code from Sprint (sometimes their ignorance is a good thing), but if your phone doesn't have active Sprint service, you'll have to go the serial cable/Bitpim route to get the MSL code.
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    I verizonized my Sprint 650, and now am having a problem adding the data plan. Seems when I fooled the Verizon CSR into accepting my ESN, it is still showing as an unrecognized ESN (possibly because they have me listed as a V60p, which I got rid of two phones ago).

    Any luck in getting the unlimited data plan on the verizonized 650?


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