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    Sprint and Yahoo! said Wednesday they are teaming to provide a push-like e-mail service to Sprint's subscribers.
    The service will use a new Yahoo! Mail for Mobile client with underlying technology from SEVEN, according to the companies. Besides push e-mail, the service provides access to Yahoo! address books and Yahoo! Mail management capabilities, the companies said.

    "Sprint recognizes the increasing desire of customers to have a more robust messaging experience on their handset," John Styers, Sprint's director of data communications services, said in a statement.

    Sprint will charge $2.99 a month for basic e-mail service but it will cost extra for the push-like ability to be notified of new e-mail in real-time. However, the company didn't say how much extra that service would cost.

    The service will be available on palmOne Treo devices as well as phones from Samsung and Sanyo, Sprint said. Yahoo! claims that 60 million subscribers use its e-mail service every month.
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    How are they going to implement push-email with Yahoo pop3 accounts? As far as I know Push E-mail was only possible for IMAP accounts.

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    There will be some server-side tie in. The Yahoo server knows when it gets mail, and will send a coded SMS to the phone, which will then initiate a sync (this is the way Sprint's Business Connection) software works.
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    My guess is that they will integrate an SMS/text message system perhaps like Sprint email does...
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    ha ha ... great minds..

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