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    I just got my phone (about 1 hour ago).

    Battery is at 48%. (So if any of these problems can be attributed to the fact that the battery is not charged let me know).

    I have the phone plugged in and charging and have obseverd the following problems.

    1) When the screen goes off (from timeout) I cannot get it back. No button can get it come back and ask me to unlock the screen.

    2) If I am in the phone app and i press of the Phone-off button, I also can not get the phone to come back up.

    In both of these cases I have to unplug the AC cord and remove the battery (soft and hard resetting dont seem to do anything).

    Any thoughts please?
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    Ummmm...take it back?
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    Hard Reset?
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    I tried a hard reset. I held down the power button and pressed the reset button, but it seems like it just did a normal soft reset. How would I know if it is a "hard" reset.

    If i cant figure it out by tonight, I am going to take it to a store and swap it (i bought it on the phone, but i located a store in my area that has one and i keeping it on hold for me).
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    If you get a screen that says "Erase all data?" Yes or No? then you have done a Hard Reset.

    Hold the power button down, insert the stylus in the reset hole, then release both.

    I would fully charge it, (leave it alone while it is charging) then start playing. (I think the instructions might suggest that.) If the issues above continue after the first full charge, then I would head back for a different one.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Also, when doing a hard reset, don't release the red phone button until the SECOND (gray and black) PalmOne screen comes on.
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    I have the phone charging now (at home). I will try a hard reset tonight (i never did get a message that asked to erase all data) so, maybe a hard reset will work.

    I will report back. Thanks for the helpful suggestions.
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    If these problems do not clear up, return the phone to your Sprint store ASAP -- sometimes reps can be troublesome about accepting a return that is a touch over the 14 day period, so make sure you get it back in before that time.

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    Actually it is a VZW phone, and I am still having the problem. I tried a hard reset and a couple times that I have rebooted the phone (by removing the battery) it has worked when it came back on, but then would not come back on again after a couple minutes.

    I have tracked down a phone at a store and I am going to swap it out tomorrow. There VZW 650s are getting hard to find. I am glad that I have a store holding one for me.

    I will report back. Thanks for everyone's help.
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    I swapped out the phone and everything is working at it should with the new one. I am so glad and lucky that I was able to get my hands on a new one. From what I hear these phones are getting pretty hard to come by.

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