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    did I see a TV for Verizon offering a $100 rebate from its $399 inside price for a 650? Or was I imagining it?
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    I haven't seent he commercial, but it may very well be true. Here's what happened to me yesterday:

    The rep initially offered me the $100 NE2 discount, a $50 mail-in rebate for signing up for unlimited data and a bundled deal on the car charger, head set, and carrying case.

    He then disappeared into the "magic back room" and came back a few minutes later and told me he'd gotten approval to give me the $100 NE2 discount and a $100 instant rebate even though I didn't ask for anything further than what he initially offered. So basically, I got the full $150 discount (NE2+unlimited rebate) and then got the $50 worth of accessories for "free."
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    They are offering $100 off if you sign up for the unlimited data plan. And you can cancel the data plan the next day and still get the $100 off.
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    thanks! I'll be getting it a little later, so this is very helpful. I hope my store has the same magic back room.
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    I got that offer from the store, didn't need a back room! lol The rep was the one who said you can just cancel it tomorrow. Funny offer then. I think they are hoping to get people to sign up and hope they find they can't live without it and keep it.

    I would have kept it if it were cheaper, but $45 is a lot of money for something I only use on occasion. Great I guess if you use it a lot.

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