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    I purchased my new Sprint Treo 650 early March 2005 with activation, and sent in my rebate form with original receipt shortly thereafter. I still have not received my $150.00 rebate yet. Do others have this same experience?

    I checked the Sprint rebate website, but there is no record found of my rebate. I sent an email message to Sprint on their site about this issue, but received no response. I called Sprint support by phone twice, but with no help. I went to the Sprint store in person, but no help either.

    I ended up re-sending a copy of my rebate about 2 weeks ago, which is what the Sprint website says to do if nothing was found on record.

    It's been over 3 months since my first rebate submission, and still nothing. This whole rebate process is a joke. If any Sprint rep is out there listening, please do something!

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    if they have no records of your rebate, there is some problem. when i sent my rebate in within 10 days it was posted at the online site and within 4 weeks i received a check from sprint (although some have had it credited to their account).
    go over to and click on the sprint phone numbers link, you should be able to find a number there that someone will have an idea of what you are talking about (consider customer care number people at the bottom of the knowledge tree)
    hope this helps

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