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    how can i re-install my previous email address? i have gone to the website and have talked to the *2 old email was now they say you cant have special characters like a _ in the user name....had the same one for years and due to a move had to change numbers...any help?
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    I dont know about special characters, but I once had an issue with an email/name change. I was told also that I couldnt get my previous address back. In order to get assistance, you definitely have to speak with a tier 2 tech; lower level folks do NOT have the ability to help in this matter.

    I dont know how long its been since your change has been in affect, but according to Sprint, it takes somewhere around 30 days for the old name to be removed from the database. Until it completely comes out of the database, it is sort of stuck in limbo.

    Have the tier 2 tech confer with someone in data support. Only data support can push that (former) email addy out of the system faster, and can help get it back for/to you.

    I dont know if the phone number is still the same, but the number I called was 866-206-4108. Also, this main seem ridiculous, but you have to call constantly to make sure they are staying on top of it.

    From the time I started calling, the entire process took 2 weeks; after that, I had my previous email address back; and yes, I called them morning, noon and night.

    Hope this helps you.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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