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    My Treo 650 suddenly (5 days ago) started rebooting like crazy, about 30-40 times per day. I tried everything to figure out what app was causing this till I finally got to reflashing the firmware and doing a hard reset without syncing or installing any apps and it still crashed (that MemoryMgr.c NULL Handle crash). At that point I figured my phone had a problem.

    Day 1 at sprint: dropped of my phone for the usual magic testing. Went to pick it up, they said they couldn't replicate the problem so they upgraded the PRL and sent me packing.

    Day 2: The problem replicated itself while I was talking to the tech (it crashed) and he decided to do a firmware update/reprogram since i had the latest firmware already. Even though I insisted I did that just prior to visiting Sprint.

    Here's the shady part. I get home that day and my phone is still crashing, however the ##ERR (##377) sequence is now refusing to log any crashes caused by MemoryMgr.c, it's recoding crashed from Web, <unknown>, etc.. However I had "Crash Pro" installed to log my crashed and Crash Pro still logged all the crashes from MemoryMgr.c.

    Day 3: I walk back in with my Crash Pro log from the last 12 hours, showing 23 crashes. After some resistence, the tech finally agrees to replace my phone. Got a spanky new phone, did a restore and haven't had a single crash, yet.

    Does Sprint have a "special" firmware they're handing out that's ignoring the MemoryMgr.c crashes?
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    are you sure they gave you a new phone and not a refurb? Refurbs are, most of the time, just like new. I dropped my phone in my driveway the other night and it looked like someone dragged for eight miles. I told them I had spontaneous hard resets that I couldn't replicate. After a little prodding, they replaced my unit, which had the updated PRL and everything else they couldn't do for the old phone. They replaced it with a refurbished model, but hey, better than the screwed up one I had. Their policy is the tech needs to simply look at the device and see if he can find anything wrong and attempt to fix it. It does not require to replicate it. They say this so they do not have to go through the trouble of swapping a phone out. With these meged devices, it is not always possible to replicate the problem since it is not just a phone that does not make or recieve calls. Push them a bit or talk to a manager next time so you don't have to waste time. One issue with the refurbished phones is setting up the data service can be difficult since the techs have no idea what they are doing. After eight hours of dealing with tech support, I figured it out myself.
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    On a case by case basis of course, not all technicians know their stuff when it comes to PDAs. Sounds like in this case you probably knew more than the technician. When you get that feeling, explain to them what YOU see as the problem and if they are still reluctant to provide service, do ask to speak with a manager or GO TO ANOTHER STORE! Also, I can say that calling the store and asking to speak directly with the technician is a powerful tool (if the reps ever actually put you through, that is).

    I've had customers call me, explain what was going on and give me all the history I needed so that when they came in I was prepared to provide the best service possible. If you just bring the phone in, you usually never get to speak with the technician and only a very general description of the problem is noted on your eTicket, which makes it harder for the technician to address all of the problems present.

    Oh, also, I would be willing to wager that they did give you a refurbished phone. Unless your phone is still withing 14 days of purchase, warranty exchanges are made with reconditioned phones.

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    Sorry to broadstroke every tech, but every tech I have dealt with in New York has no idea what to do with these phones. I was told to call PalmOne wheneverf I have a problem with the palm part of the phone and Palm has a voice recording that says call Sprint. The data service thing bugged me the most since three techs in the store (I chose the best of the stores I have dealt with in Queens) could not get it to work and they called data support, as well, while I was standing there. They finally said "Just wait, it should be fine, although it usually works instantly. Five phone calls to five different tech's said just wait when teh data service didn't work. When I was at th store to exhange my phone, the tech's response to my complaint of the unit hard resetting spontaneously was "We did a hard reset and it shoudl work now." The complaint form, which was printed on my reciept specifically said unit has spontaneous hard resets. Why would a hard reset fix a hard reset problem? Even given the history, I think the in-store phone technician may not be able to replicate an often occurring, random resetting or hard-resetting event. The technicians in New York seemed to be comprised mostly of high school and college kids, no one with formal computer training that would now how to take apart a palm and discover if a processor was faulty or not.
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    Yup, it was a spanky "new" reconditioned phone, I noticed I implied "new" in my original post. However my two previous replacements (both for failing keyboards) were new phones, probably because there weren't any reconditioned 650's way back then

    Does sprint keep a replacement history on file?
    If my phone fails again I don't want them giving me a hard time because they think i'm a trouble customer who's had 3 replacements already

    On a happier note, my replacement hasn't crashed a single time yet.

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