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    I know some of you, especially SprintPCS customers, are going to have a hard time believing this, but I swear it's true. I was actually helped by a SprintPCS CS agent. No! Really! I swear!

    I was with Sprint for 8 years (before they had service in LA county) and switched to Verizon the day after the number portability went into effect. When the Treo 650 came out, I switched back to Sprint, knowing I was going to regret it.

    On my bill a couple of months ago, I noticed a roaming charge. I called up Sprint and asked why I was paying roaming since I get free roaming and free long distance. I was told that Roaming is free, and Long distance is free, but if I call Long Distance while I am Roaming, I get charged. This made no sense to me. I went round and round with the script monkey, but they wouldn't budge on the point.

    I finally got fed up and called today to cancel my plan (I travel a lot, all roaming calls will be long distance). I talked to Danielle (id# DAD6337) and explained the situation. I asked for a detailed printout of my account so I could prove they screwed up. She asked what the problem was and I explained about the long distance and roaming charge. She checked the account and found that the free roaming had never been properly applied to my account. She went to apply it and it wouldn't take. She actually did it by hand since the computer wouldn't automate it, then checked to make sure it was working. She also applied a credit to the account for the previous roaming/long distance charges.

    This is the first time in dozens of calls (probably close to 100) in the combined 9 years that I've been with Sprint that I've actually been helped with exactly what I need by someone who knows what they are doing. I didn't know such a person existed there. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was put on with an actual supervisor (not someone pretending) and told her that this was the first time I've ever actually been helped by Sprint CS. I told her Danielle needs a raise just to make sure at least one person at Sprint has a clue and stays there.

    So it is actually possible to get someone who knows what they are doing at Sprint. It might only be one person in the whole company, but there is one.

    If you have a problem with Sprint (and who doesn't?), ask for Danielle, operator number DAD6337. She has a clue.

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    That's too bad because the few times I've needed to call Verizon to fix some issues, I've been nothing but pleased. I have never been with a company that actually handled my issues in a prompt and courteous manner, and with no hold time.
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    Heheh... want to hear something funny? If I call customer service about an issue with my employee account I get hussled just as badly. Sprint is working to improve call center customer satisfaction, but at this point I recommend that you ALWAYS go to a store if the issue is serious.

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    I'm in no way saying that Sprint has changed in any way. I'm just sayng that I got extremely lucky ONE time in dealing with them.

    I left Sprint and went to Verizon for a little over a year. I had cause to call them a few times, and never really had a problem. The first time I called them with a request, the girl who answered wasn't sure she could do that (change my caller id name as it shows up on other people's phones), put me on hold to check, and was back withing 2 mintues telling me it could be done and had she had already changed it to the way I wanted it. After years of dealing with Sprint, I almost crapped myself.

    The other times I called them, it was simple, painless, and quick. I'm not saying Verizon is without fault. I'm just saying that the few times I had to call them, I had no problems. This is in comparison to the Dozens and Dozens of problems I've had with Sprint with only ONE good call with them.

    I figured since I actually got someone there who had a clue, I'd spread her name around so people could request her and have a much better chance at actually getting helped. I figure your chanced of getting real help from sprint are about 1 in 642 otherwise.

    In my personal experience, Verizon is tons better than Sprint when it comes to Customer Service. Now if they could only get their pricing plans down and end the 5 month delay on new phones.......

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    LMAO. I was in the US GSM forum and when I went back to Service Providers and I saw the title of this thread I was thinking to myself that someone must actually have gotten help! Ah yes, my days with Sprint are over, I'm glad to hear that there is at least ONE knowledgable rep out there

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