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    Yes some cases seem to interfere with some treo's signal strength. Beware of metal cases and cases with magnet fasteners. Some people have had issues (like myself) Some people don't
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    I updated to ROM 1.03 two days ago, and have had better results since then. No choppiness, no dropped calls. Too soon to call in a verdict, but so far it's looking better. Anyone else noticed a difference since the 1.03 update?

    Also, I punched in #*#33284 (DEBUG) after the update, and watched the signal strength in comparison to the old StarTAC. Interestingly, the Treo did better most of the time, even with the antenna up on the 'TAC.

    Sure hope this is the end of the reception shenanigans!

    Visor Deluxe -> m125 -> Tungsten|T -> Treo 650 (CDMA)
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    After a little more time, I'm not sure that there is much, if any, reception improvement with the ROM update. Maybe it was the weather
    Visor Deluxe -> m125 -> Tungsten|T -> Treo 650 (CDMA)
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    my reception dramatically went down after the update and it's hard to maintain a call anywhere. : (
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    I live in NYC - Queens 10 miles away from Manhattan.
    I work downtown Manhattan
    Rev B hardware on latest 1.03 firmware.

    I am on my 3rd Treo 650. The first 2 has problems. I cannot get it to work downtown Manhattan. I would dial and then goes back to dialpad. Internet, I get an error "PPP timeout" Debug = -67 RSSI

    At home in Queens, it is absolutely fine and able to call out. The only gripe is the internet. I get an error saying "data service unavailable" Debug = -350 RSSI

    I been through, tech support, data support, in store support and to no avail, no solution. Definitely a problem with this phone. Im sure I have one of the bad batches. My friend's Treo is fine.

    Hopefully, 3rd is a charm. Patiently waiting on the backorder!
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