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    Hi all,

    Well my cabinetmaker convinced me today after playing with his T650
    for a bit. Time to replace my old Visor Prism + Motorola phone.

    Anyone have any leads on ideas for getting the best price (now - hence
    searching isn't much help ) on a T650 from Sprint PCS for an
    existing customer.

    I'd prefer not to sign any more dumb contracts, I've been with them for
    around 5 years and I'm not going anywhere.

    Jim Conforti
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    if you're not signing a contract, probably ebay, but if you're not going anywhere why not sign a contract. that's probably the easiest way to get the best discount without too much effort.
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    Try ebay or (default San Francisco site, but lots of other cities listed in the right sidebar)... seen lots of Sprint T650's lately...
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    Someone I know recently bought one direct from Palm using the 15% off coupon that was floating around, and also the $150 new phone rebate from Sprint. No tax or shipping, so total price = $509 - 150 = 359. You have to sign a new contract to get the rebate, but if you aren't planning on leaving what's the harm?
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    I bought this one ($499 shipped) because I was in the same situation you were like a charm!

    Treo 650 for $499

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