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    I apologize that this is somewhat of a cross post, since I asked the same question on the GSM forum...

    I just bought the Sprint Treo 650, so I have 13 days left to return it. I love the phone, but Sprints reception seems pretty bad. I live in Birmingham (Helena) AL. I have an old T-Mobile/Nokia Cellular phone and it generally has two more bars reception than my Sprint/Treo when they are sitting side by side. People have trouble hearing me (say I sound like I am talking in a well) well I hear them fairly clear but get a lot of dropped words. Does Verizon generally provide better coverage on their digital network? I would even go to the quirkier Cingular Treo if I could at least hear my phone calls. I like the phone, but I have to be able to carry on a conversation. Any words of advice on carriers/signals?

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    It depends on where you are. Every network is different.

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    In my personal opinion.. I have tried sprint, nextel, and verizon... it seems that verizon has a wider area of coverage than nextel, and sprint.
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    I'm in Birmingham, AL, I work off HWY 280, live in Springville (half way between Trussville/Gadsden) and I have zero issues. When I roam, I roam with Verizon, and that's only when I'm in the basement of my house.

    I've got an FM Transmitter and I stream from my Treo @ 56Kbps driving around and have very little if any rebuffering.

    Make sure you're 1.08 on SprintPCS (firmware). When you roam, you're most likely roaming with Verizon since they're on the PRL.

    You may just be in a bad spot or need to update your phone to the most current firmware release.
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    The 1.08 updater will help with the sound people hear on the other end.
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    How do you stream to your treo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DDMTREO
    How do you stream to your treo?
    PTunes 3.0.8,
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    I guess it's just my area. Most of the drive from Helena via Hwy 119 was less than stellar on reception. My old T-Mobile Nokia was easilly outperforming my Treo on call quality and signal. I'll try upgrading the firmware this weekend, and do as much research as I can on Verizon and Cingular. A good friend lives three houses down (but is unfortunately in spain right now) and say he gets GREAT reception with Verizon and a Samsung all digital phone (he said it was an i700.... is there such a thing? maybe he meant 600)

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