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    I'm trying to figure out the best price outlet for the 650 including some detail of the promotions. I will not be NE2 eligible but will sign a new contract and unlimited data plan. Is the best option in store, online, phone, through my firm contact, etc...? I'm really trying to be under $400 and in the $300 range would be outstanding and would like to target my acquisition efforts!

    Also - my work email will be pushed via a Goodlink server, I assume this will also sync contacts and other data from our Outlook exchange server. What if I want to also have access to my yahoo mail account - is that possible and how does it work? Through versamail or through a web browser?

    Thanks for your input! Father's Day and my birthday are around the corner
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    With 2-yr agreement and discount for unlimited data plan, you'll get it for $299 from a VZW store.
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    Probably firm contact, especially if the firm is big enough to be on Verizon's radar screen. Unless you know some magic promotion code, online's not going to work. Going in store and through phone might work, but you might also spend a lot of time with a stranger and get nothing.

    I'm in the same situation as you, but without a corporate contact (currently a grad student) and haven't been able to talk my way into a lower price. I did get a CS rep to admit that the $100 promotion for unlimited data that they're offering to new customers should be available to current customers (and I'd happily have paid $420), but he still claimed he couldn't apply the discount to my account.
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    I just ordered the treo 650 from verizon for $399. I am planning to sign up for unlimited data, so should I have really gotten the phone for $299? Can i get $100 back from them?
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    There was a $100 discount being offered online ( and enter "treo650" in the promotional code box) for new verizon customers who signed up for unlimited data. Can't hurt to call and ask, especially if you're still in the 15 day window when you could return the phone.
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    I just called. I explained that I bought the phone yesterday and did not receive the discount for the unlimited data. I told them that I was planning on ordering the unlimited data plan as soon as the phone arrives and I activate it (which is true). The sales rep did not know of the promotion so I told her the website to type in and the promo code and she saw the $299 price. She then said "wow, they really have it hidden in there". So she said that she would put a note in the account to give me a $100 credit to the phone account (not the visa) when I called in and ordered the data plan.

    We will see how it goes once my phones does arrive.

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