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    Don't ask me what towers have been updated, but PRL 10028 is now out for Sprint.
    Call *2 and ask your phone to be flagged for the OTA (over the air) update.
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    It's True, just called and they flagged our two phone for update. He did not know when towers in my area would have the update; he offered to send me to trouble shootting, but I declined. Kevin.
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    What is this you're talking about? Please explain.
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    PRL is preferred roaming list. It has data on towers and roaming on other networks. Sprint updates the list periodically. Sometimes it will improve your reception, and sometimes not. It is usually not a critical update. It does not update the firmware/software on your Treo.
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    Two different CSRs on two seperate calls stated my phone was "up to date"; They said exactly the same words, like they were reading a script, then tried to sell me a second phone. While true that the phone was at 10026, and I didn't really know that 10028 would change my service that much, I think they just wanted to sell and not help. On my third call through the automated support (Claire?) I chose technical support/coverage. This got me to someone who actually flagged my account with no fuss and no sales pitch.
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    I just called *2 and Claire told me that she recognized my phone needed an update and I should stay on the line and it would be completed in less than a minute. Before the minute was up she said it was finished.....I hung up and checked and I now have PRL 10028 (was 10026 before the call).
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    same here....she's updating me now!!

    edit: Update complete! That's pretty damned cool. Wonder if I should reset the phone/turn it off/on now?
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    Claire never seems to respond to my advances... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Just updated mine, too!
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    recognized and updated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Claire never seems to respond to my advances...
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    What are you supposed to say to Claire? It doesn't recognize PRL or update as a command, and I'm still stuck at 10024
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Claire never seems to respond to my advances...

    You got a monkey as your front bro, what do you expect.

    Claire ALWAYS gives me the love.
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    Tell Claire: Technical Support

    once in that menu, say: Coverage

    This should get you to a real live tech person. Tell the tech you want to flag your account for a PRL update. They should ask you about phone number, name, password and then tell you to hang up and call *2 back after a few minutes. Claire should then notice you need the new PRL and push it out to you.

    The one thing I miss about Verizon is that I could just dial *228 at any time to get the latest PRL from them. No muss, no fuss.

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