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    I just bought a treo 600 off of ebay. It's unlocked so I can use in on Verizon, but for some reason Verizon is having trouble activating. They keep telling me that my ESN isn't right. I go to the top left hand corner of the phone, then options, and my ESN is right there but they said it's not right. Can someone help me? Thanks.

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    Its unlocked? Usually that refers to a GSM phone. A gsm phone cant be activated on Verizon because they use CDMA (like sprint).
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    The phone was originally sprint but it's unlocked for any CDMA provider. Thanks.
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    No one knows how to activate it, b/c Verizon is being a pain in the **** about it.
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    So is it a sprint 'verizonized' version?
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    Yeah basically. I guess you can say that. Sprint phone unlocked to any CDMA provider, and in particular for this phone, it's is definately unlocked for verizon.

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