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    Please help! I've tried a bunch of times to send an SMS to a friend's mobile in Switzerland (country code +41) and they don't go through. The number in standard international format is +41 (0)61 xxx xxxx and I enter it in the SMS dialog as 0114161xxxxxxx, with no luck. I called Sprint and they were totally unhelpful, gave me this list of countries as the only ones "guaranteed" to work with international SMS.

    But I've read here about other people successfully international SMSing, or Sprint changing their SMS system recently, etc.. can anyone verify this or help me in any way? It's so frustrating and the guy at Sprint was totally unwilling to try to investigate or give anything but a seemingly canned answer.
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    yep I successfully sent text msg's to the philippines, but only problem is that they can't send msgs back to me. once in awhile they'll go through, but that's it....i hope they fix this asap!
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    I have sent and recieved text messages from my sprint treo 650 to a cingular gsm treo 650 that was in Copenhagen without any issues.

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