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    I am having trouble finding a direct answer to this question:

    I am looking at both SprintPCS and Verizon T650's. I get 18-20% off rate plans w/VZW, so it takes some of the pain out of the $44/month for unlimited data.

    So here's the crux of my question. I know sprint "allow's" you to tether the phone to a laptop and browse through the phones VISION package or what have you... no dialup required. They don't publish the fact you can do this, and will talk to you accordingly if your data usage is exorbinate from what I have read, if you keep it within normal limits, it's no big deal.

    Verizon states that you are only supposed to use the data plan on a Palm/PPC device, and not tether.

    So they both say you can't tether, Sprint kinda lets you without really caring, but says you can't.....

    What's the story with Verizon? No one can seem to tell me if you can or can't tether.

    Besides the verizon phone looking better (gotta love black phones...) is there anything that jumps out as a reason for a potential 650 buyer to go with one service or the other - outside of price.

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    Verizon *frowns* on tethering. They'd like you to pay $79.99 for the right to access their network using your laptop.

    That said, they'd have to be looking pretty closely to be able to tell if you're tethered or not.

    I use PDAnet on Verizon, I don't see why you cannot as well.

    FYI, the Verizon Treo 650 isn't black - it's gray/silver.

    Good luck,
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    With the exception of coverage and price, are there any reasons you guys can think of for going with one over the other?

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