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    Hi.. I'm a new member to the forum, so bear with me...

    In late June, after my Cingular contract expires, I want to switch to Verizon. I plan to get:

    America's Choice Family Share Plan (3 lines)
    LNP on 2 lines
    treo 650 on one line

    Apparently, I'm not able to do LNP through and I can't order a Family Share Plan and a Treo 650 through (or 2 LNP's). I don't have a problem with going into my local Verizon store, but I am interested if these options will be a problem in the store. Can any of you provide any insight into this? Thanks.
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    i really should have looked harder for this...
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    I would send you to Radioshack, but most of us don't carry smartphones. You shouldn't have any problems at all doing this at a Verizon store. Most of the LNPs I've done are working by the time the customer leaves the store. It helps a lot if the billing information is the same on the ported-from and ported-to carriers, which it sounds like it is in your case.

    Good luck,


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