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    I think something is going wrong when I use VZW Sync.

    I have installed the software on my work PC which is always on, running Exchange from the company server. I want to be able to sync my Treo 650, which I am sortof able to, except it takes FOREVER.

    I hit sync on my treo 650, and I click on the "details" button to watch.... there is just constant "processing changes" spam on the screen for several minutes, then the 650 eventually reboots (i'm assuming from info overload). Upon reboot, the handset tries to connect to the internet again... if I let it, then finally the sync will finish.

    But this is a VERY painful way to update. Does anyone have any more luck with VZW sync? I may just give up at some point and use basejet or some other 3rd party sync'er... but I wish I could get this working since it's the default option.
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    I am experiencing the same issues -- the email syncing crashes so much to make it completely unusable. Very frustrating. I switched from an old Blackberry to the Treo 650 so I could consolidate my BB, phone, and Palm into one device, and now my Blackberry friends are making fun of me and my email crashing problems, saying I never should have switched.

    Anyone have any ideas how to correct this?
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    ive found it doesnt really work, i stopped after 20 mins and uninstalled it just get a free imap account and forward your mail to it and then check that mail with chattermail seems to work well

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