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    Here's the breakdown as I see it, I can get the 650 for $299 if I get the unlimited data plan for $45/month or I can get the 650 for $399 if I get the Pay as You Go or the 10 MB plan for $24/month (overage $8/MB).

    At $45/month, you make up the difference in the phone price in only 2 months. Pay as you go is $15/MB, so if you use more than 2 MB it makes sense to get the 10 MB plan. If you use more than 12.5 MB it makes sense to go for the unlimited plan. I assume you are locked into the plan for 2 years and can't adjust it if you realize after 6 months that you picked the wrong plan.

    How do you anticipate data usage? Occasional email when out of the office, web browsing. You can even call an ISP to connect using your minutes at 14.4. So how fast is the data connection?

    Any theories out there?
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    The data plan is an add-on to the plan and you can change it anytime you want without signing a new contract. I know I have multiple times.

    I would recommend getting the unlimited plan and tracking your MB usage for a few months, then downgrade as appropriate.
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    Ah, that is an excellent idea. I didn't know you could change the data plan. I think then that I will get the unlimited plan and pay $100 less for the phone, that will help offset the cost....
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    Isn't there a way on the 650 to see how much data you've used? I thought there was something that gives you lifetime usage but I can't remember where to find it.
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    there is. IF you go to phone function and then choose call log then at the bottom there is "total" button click that and it will show you both voice mininues and data used.
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    I was told that if you take advantage of this promotion, then come off the unlimited plan while you have the data device active, they will charge $100 to your account.
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    it is now Friday and I got my Treo the previous Tuesday afternoon. So that is 3 days so far. I admit the phone is new to me, but in those 3 days I have used 9.7 Mb of data. Mostly web surfing. I don't surf often, but look up information, check some ebay auctions, etc. I have not connected email as I use a text interface for reading my email via a ssh connection and pine on a server. If something is important for me to see pictures, I can find a computer, or d/l the file via a ssh connection and view it.

    My initial idea was to get the unlimited data plan just to be safe af first and downgrade as I determined my usage. After 3 days with the phone, I can't imagine myself getting by with a 5 or 20 Mb/month plan. Having the ability to just not worry about the amount I have downloaded as I surf is nice as well.
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    Thanks Calvin, that is the sort of info I was looking for. You're web usage sounds like mine, so I don't feel so bad about starting off with the unlimited plan.
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    I have thought about it, and I can see my data usage either decreasing as the "newness" of the phone wears off.... or I can see it going up significantly as I make it more useful. I suspect one will counter the other and my average of 3-4 Mb/day might remain fairly typical.

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