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    Has anyone signed up for this with a Treo 650 (or 600 for that matter) and DO NOT have a Data Plan other than pay per Kb?

    I think I've read somewhere in the forums a claim that if you activate this feature ALL data access is billed as Minutes of Use (MOU). Can anyone confirm that this really happens, or can the network tell when it's not a PIX/TXT message and charge you per Kb for the other stuff?
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    Bump.. Anyone?
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    That is how I orginally activated my 600 a month ago. I could access the internet at approximately 14.4 with a qnc connection by dialing into my ISP, and it only took minutes away. I did not have access to any high speed connections. All this went away when I got the 650 and I couldn't convince the person to not activate a data plan.
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    I have the Unlimited Data Plan, and added the Unlimited PIX/TXT Messaging. Nothing has changed as far as my data usage is concerned. My Pix Messages don't even seem to use my minutes.

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