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    hello everyone:

    i'm thinking about getting the 650 as it'd be my first smartphone and it would effectively consolidate my zire 71 and my crappy nokia 3589i.

    since people are now getting them, could you honestly comment on the three things i mentioned in the thread title:

    *reception quality
    *call quality
    *speakerphone quality

    all three points in comparison to stand-alone mobiles. for example, i've heard that the v710 is excellent in all of these.

    and on the other hand from what i've read, neither the treo 600/650 or the anticipated samsung pocketpc i730 seem to have satisfactory ratings in these respects

    i've been in touch with our vzw bizrep and am pretty much just thinking about what to do at this point. i could continue living with carrying two devices, but there'd be a good chance that for the most part, i'd only be carrying the mobile for most of the time. thanks.
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    I got my Treo over a week ago from my B2B rep.

    Speakerphone quality is OK. Not as good as my old Mot V60S, but then again that was about as good as it gets in a mobile phone.

    I am struggling a bit with reception and/or call quality. We have 7 Verizon phones in my house (five teens, 2nd marriage!!) so I have a lot to reference. All of the various models of phones are always at the maximum number of bars that the particular phone supports, and they all sound as good as any of the cordless phones in the house.

    The 650, on the other hand, get anywhere from 1-3 bars and not infrequently drops a call. I'm heading over to a Verizon store today to have it checked out, and since it's within the 15 day worry free period, probably swapped.

    I'm hoping it's just this particular unit, 'cause I really love the device (had the aforementioned V60s and a Palm T5).
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    Bump. More feedback from VZW 650 owners on call quality, signal, dropped calls, etc?
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    no issues. can hear fine and im getting great signal most places i go.. 5 bars sitting here as i type.
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    Signal quality is a little less than my old VZW phone (Sammy a530) but have had no problem receiving or sending calls.
    Now volume is another matter. I wish it was louder on the speakerphone as well as the regular speaker. I never have to turn it down, it's always on high and it's still not loud enough.
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    I basically work in a steel fortress of an office. The only carrier that reaches in here are Nextel or VZW. Right now, 3 bars on my T650 connected to data.

    No dropped calls since I got it.
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    Great feedback from current users! If others chime in, would you add the area in which you are using the phone (city and state) for additional detail? Thanks in advance!
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    I have a Verizon 650.

    Voice Reception is just about the same as my Moto T720. I'd call it average.

    I'm surprised to find I can use data even when I don't have good voice reception.
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    I had Kyocera 7135 before and it would always get a signal even inside my basement. I notice that the 650 will usually get a signal but sometimes cut out, depending on physical orientation. So, my one data point thus far indicates the 7135 was just a little better in this area.
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    My call quality is the same as I've always come to expect from VZW!!! Volume could be kicked up a bit more, but no complaints here!!!
    I'm not weird... I'm gifted!!!
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    Got the replacement 650 today - it's fine.
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    Have had the VZW 650 for about 8-9 days now. We have 4 phones in the house, 3 on VZW now. Call reception has been excellent. Call volume is fair. I find that the actual sound volume is not bad but the earpiece is easily distorted. I have new earbuds coming next week to compare. Although the 650 often shows lower bars then other phones in the house (we are in a bit of a valley near Redding Ca) but consistently gets better reception than the other phones. It has been the best of our 4 phones in our home. I have not dropped a call yet and I take dozens and dozens of calls daily for business, often swapping between two lines several times throughout the day.
    I have not had a reset or lock up either.
    I have heard from many people that the V710 is the best of breed for phone functions so most everything does not compare favorably, but I have two other motorola's in our house and two LG's and the Treo has out performed all of them thus far.
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    When I talk with friends who own Treo 650's with Cingular, I hear everything going on in the background on their end. Is this a GSM thing, or do CDMA Treo 650's do the same? Thank you.
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    I have had reception issues as well. No bars to one bar where 3 other phones in same spot are pulling 4. A few random resets as well- Verizon is sendiong a new one to arrive Wed. ( who knows where they will find it?) Hopefully that will fix the issue- Phone features are all great- and with a 1G card, stii have 16 free on the phone. We will see if Verizon gets me the new phone in 2 days with a huge backorder going on.....
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    I've been using a Verizon Treo (both 600 & now 650) for about a year, and it's been great. I'm in the North Texas area, and have strong volume (both regular mic & spkrphn) and also good call quality & clarity. No dropped calls.
    No problems for me!!

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