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    Hi to all,

    I am trying pdanet and ptunes on treo 650 and Verizon. I want to buy those apps but I am affraid I will be charged extra over my "unlimited" national access plan. For me unlimited means all you can eat data but any of you guys got charged extra because you streamed large data amounts (by using Pdanet for instance)?

    Grateful for any comments/experiences before I go and buy those two great apps.


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    always on...always using data....that's why you pay that premium, to avoid worrying about your data bill. You are good to go.Stream away!
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    If you can stream more than 3 gb per month (my personal best . . . so far) then you might find out if they have a limit. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    3 gb!! ole smoke! I am surprise did not explode. Anyway thank you guys for your response. I feel much better. I am buying ptune and pdanet! Anybody else care to comment about verizon and unlimited especially how they can know that you thethered to a laptop?

    Again thank so much.


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