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    I got my phone and my numbers being ported now, but i also got signed up for pcs vision for free, it said it includes web, instant messaging, sms messaging, and email from people like yahoo and aol, i want to know if i could forward my yahoo (or gmail) email to my 650 using pop, BUT i want to make sure it comes in through VERSAMAIL, i dont want to have to log onto the web to check it, i like the versamail thing, i was wondering if i NEED the extra 30/month professional business plan taht sprint offers in order to do this. or if my measly pcs vision package is enough. thanks in advance.

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    My friend is a Sprint Customer and he just has Vision and has his Gmail setup through POP3. (I also tested a phone on the Sprint network when I was getting ready to purchase my Treo and it worked fine) For gmail you should be able to get the details for POP3 at

    Hope this helps!
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    No you don't. Your Vision plan will cover all of your data. The $30/mo. professional package is for PPC devices only. Versamail handles GMail just fine.
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    AWESOME!!! dang, that makes me feel so good, if anyone is thinking of signing up with sprint (and doesnt already have this phone) let me know because the people i signed up with got it all said and done for 329, which might be a little more than some places but i have pcs vision, and nights start at 7, and free sprint pcs to sprint pcs for my entire 2 year contract no extra charge(meaning i juist pay for the minutes). pretty awesome i think.

    Thanks for quick helpful replies all,

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