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    I ordered my Treo 650 yesterday via the TreoCentral store. The service is getting setup thru Sprint. I am currently a Verizon customer. I chose the phone number portability to have my Verizon ph# ported to the Treo on Sprint's network. The phone has yet to physically ship but they have already ported my ph# to Sprint. My Verizon phone is now nearly useless (I can call Verizon cust care only) and I have no access to the Sprint voicemail that all my family, friends and clients are hearing and leaving messages at. Sprint states that the ph# should not have been ported until I physically had the phone in my hands... Verizon cannot retrieve the ph# now... Sprint states that I will have no ability to configure or access my Sprint voicemail until the Treo/phone is in my hands.

    as a side note, I chose UPS 2nd Day Air delivery, instead of the Next Day delivery, to save the $14.95 on shipping and now may not even get this phone until Monday of next week (today is Wed, ouch!) ... the email I received says, "estimated delivery date of 5/30/2005 is based on your selected shipping method" ... "UPS 2nd Day Air"

    Has anyone else had this happen, or heard of this happening?
    Any suggestions or solutions would be oh so very appreciated.

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    dont have any suggestions but i am in the same boat. ordered a new v551 from wirefly and ported a nextel number. did this sunday and monday morning the nextel phone didnt work because they ported the number already. before the phone even shipped. still waiting for the phone. later.
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    according to support@treocentral, that is the only way they can do it. it is an inconvenience but is not going to be a large issue if they can get the phone to me w/in 48 hrs of the ph# porting... my FedEx tracking states I will have the phone by 3pm tomorrow... that makes about 48 hrs.

    Since this is the way they have to do this, i think that there should be info about this during the ordering, and I don't mean, click here to read to the very bottom of the fine print to find out you will go without your phone for a couple few days ; )

    There is a chance it was there and I missed it, but I thought I read everything. I'm going to go back and check it again as far as I can go without submitting an actual order.
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    well I got up to the point where the CC info is required and at this point I have to recommend that if you want to port your phone number then checkmark the box:

    "I will initiate the number port at a later date.
    (Only check if you didn't enter the required information above)"

    even with the inconvenience, I would still do this again to save the $130. I understand that this the way that they have to do it or it would be done without this issue arising... but, IT SHOULD BE STATED somewhere during the order process that THIS DOES HAPPEN and is Unavoidable.

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