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    I thought some of you all would be amused by this... Still trying to decide what to do about my almost irrational "need" for a T650, so I spoke to a Verizon customer service rep today about their data plans. Turns out, they have four plans... the pay-as-you-go (0.015/kb), the 5MB plan, the unlimited plan, and a 20MB plan.

    5MB, $25
    unlmited, $45
    20MB, $55

    When he gave me the prices, I asked, "I didn't realize you had a 20MB option. Did you say $55 for 20MB?"

    "Yes sir, it's for people who don't want to pay for unlimited service."

    I hope no one here is on the $55 20MB service.
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    now that's genius.
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    My last understanding was they bumped the 5MB plan to 10MB?
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    i'm calling again in a few days and i'll ask -- Verizon's reps don't all seem to have the same quality of information.

    In any case, I'm calling again. I'm still hopeful that if they look at the $1000 extra they'd get over a 2-year contract (and I'm willing to extend my contract), they'll let me buy the treo for less that full retail.
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    It must go with their "Buy one and get the second one for double" campaign.

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