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    I am waiting for my 650 from P1. I have had data coming out of my minutes under the MOU plan for a number of years. I last re-upped when I got my Treo 600 last year and have 1 year left on my contract. Since I am getting the 650 directly from P1, VZW has confirmed that I am not going to be extending my contract. I am hoping to be able to convince them this means that I get to keep the MOU data plan with the 650 for at least the remainder of my contract. If they refuse, I am going to pitch that they are terminating my contract by changing the terms and I can leave them without paying a termination fee. After all of these years with VZW, I will have to move on. Adding $40/month to a bill that is already over $200 for the ability to manually download e-mail a couple of times a day (I don't use wireless sync) is just not worth it.

    Has anyone had any luck with keeping the MOU data plan with VZW. (This is different than pay as you go, which is a per kb plan.)
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    I have asked about the MOU data plan because that is what I currently have on my Kyocera 7135. I have been told that the 7135 is a Tri-Mode phone that can connect via a different system, but that the 650 is dual mode and cannot connect to the older analog data system. It is interesting that you were able to keep your MOU data plan with the 600 and that is also a dual mode phone. What I am most intrigued by is the fact that VZW has a number of dual mode phones that don't use the Express Network (according to the reps I spoke with) and do not require a data plan. It seems as though VZW just wants to increase my monthly costs for simple profit not because it is best for the customer.
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    You're right, the 600 is dual mode, so that argument doesn't work. In fact, the rep you talked was wrong about the 7135. I used my my 7135 (which I had before the 600) for data on the VZW digital network. I was not using the analog dial-up. I had no problem keeping MOU when I went to the 600. My bill shows my data usage, but it comes out of my minutes. I suspect this is going to be an uphill fight with the 650, but $40 more on my bill just doesn't make sense given my data usage.
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    Well i did it to a 650 and I check my min online and it only took out minutes and the data rate thingy dident go up..would the data thing update just like the minutes do...if this is true I still have my MOU)
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    I have a Samsung i600, which is dual-mode, and still have MOU. Interestingly, they said that if I changed my plan to a newer America's Choice plan, I could still just have MOU "because I don't change the way I use my phone." If I get my wife a Treo 650, then they said I have to do pay as you go on that line, but not on my i600. What's the difference? Beats me. But the "MOU only works on tri-mode phones" is a false statement from a technology standpoint.
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    From what I've read on this site, it all depends on the reps whether you get a data plan or not. Quite inconsistent - that's why I'm not updating my plan since I still have MOU on MY plan or what it's called "Mobile Web".
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    I was recently put on a per/kb plan after an insurance replacement for my T600, when I've had MOU for at least 6 months. So since I haven't changed my plan, I should still be able to get MOU. Has anyone had experience w/ that?
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    hehehe - I can't seem to get rid of the MOU plan even after switching to the unlimited data plan. See this thread So, yes, it would appear that it's possible to keep the MOU plan.
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    Had I not voluntarily called into VZW Cust Care when I received my T650, I would have been defaulted to MOU. I am not a data user, so I could care less at this time.

    I called in to get the skinny on the data plans, & was told that I could have remained on MOU, but, the Cust Care rep told me that those are the most-likely group of people to experience signifigant overages on their bills.

    I ultimately chose the pay-per-kb option...
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    I've kept my MOU. I'm running a verizonized 650 and didn't change my plan.

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