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  • I'm running out right now to get one!!!

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  • I'll wait 6 months to let the bugs get worked out

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  • I'm waiting a year, then it will be in my price range

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  • No way Jose!!

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    I just got an email and they are officially selling the 650 to the general public.
    Offering $299 with a 2 year commitment.
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    Waiting until August for my NE2 to drop the price. Can you post the link they have for $299 now with two year commit. I would do it now for $299.
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    My T650 just arrived this morning
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    And when Verizon finally comes out with Treo 650 (no highspeed EVDO) will Sprint will release an EVDO Treo 650?
    Sprint Pre, Mugen 2800mah battery
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    to get $299 go to and enter "treo650" in the promotion box. You've got to sign up for the unlimited data feature to get a $100 rebate, but a CS rep told me on monday that data counts as a "feature" and therefore can be removed from your plan at any point.

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