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    Has anyone successfully tried this? Any suggestions?
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    I installed wireles sync last night, and it wouldnt work (wouldnt finish setup b/c I have an exchange server with RRC over HTTP). So, I tried to uninstall the palm client with Uninstall, and it got most of the files, but then came up with an error b/c something is on the ROM. Now, when I open wireless sync, it only has a "mail" button, and not the info, or whatever that third button was. I need to get rid of this program. Just junk for me.
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    log into verizon's wireless snyc website and goto help and click on the uninstall tab. Shows step by step instructions on how to remove wireless sync
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    I did what the directions said but wireless sync and mail are still showing up
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    As far as I understand, Wireless sync is in ROM, and there is no way to remove it. In older palms there was a company that developed software to remove apps in ROM and actually free up more memory for RAM, but that is not possible for the treo as far as i know....

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