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    So, if you go on the website, you can get a Verizon T650 for $399 with a 2 year agreement and the unlimited data plan, but *no voice.* Anyone know if I could do that and merge my current verizon voice line onto the Treo?

    Other than that, anyone have any ways someone who's on a contract through summer 2006 could get a discounted T650? I told customer service I'd buy one for $419.99 and sign up for unlimited data the other day if they'd just give me the $100 discount they're offering to unlimited data customers. I'm getting really frustrated with Verizon due to my attempts to get any type of discount and their refusal to be helpful.
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    I'm in the same position you are. My 2 year contract end in February '06 I want the 650 but do not want to pay full price. I sent an e-mail to verizon asking this question and they called back immediately. They said I could get the 650 for $449.99 with a new 2 year agreement and a data plan. They said I could get the unlimited plan for $45/m or a limited plan for $25/m. Don't remember the exact numbers for the limited plan. From the verizon site, it looks like they offered the 1 year price for a 2 year agreement. I'll wait and see if I can get a better deal at my local store.

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    I got my Verizon 650 with two year plan for 249.99 (ne2,customer loyalty,renewed contract). No data plan because I use other provider for data. I was told at first that a data plan had to be activated for 650. When manager set up phone, he asked me if I was putting a data plan on phone, I said no and he activated the phone w/o data plan. My 7135 which they deactivated to the 650 had no data plan either. You don't have to use verizon for data.
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    No you don't. However, the phone is locked so you can not use a different provider (just like Sprint and other cell providers). If you download a program to unlock it, your technical support and warranty go away. Not a good idea.
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    Well, my ultimate goal is to get a Verizon Treo 650 (not an unlocked Sprint Treo) for less than the $519.99 full retail to use on my current Verizon contract, but I've talked to several customer service reps and they all say "no way."

    A couple reasons why I stubbornly refuse to pay $519:
    1. Verizon is offering a $100 rebate to new customers who add an unlimited data feature to their contract, but won't extend the same rebate to existing customers. I was told this is because there's a risk that a customer will remove the feature. That risk shouldn't be any different for new customers than old, but Verizon still wouldn't offer me better than $519.
    2. If I signed up for Verizon and got the Treo for $299 and canceled my current Verizon, the $175 ETF would bring the effective price to $474. Less than the full retail, but Verizon wouldn't even offer that price.
    3. If I signed up for Sprint with the Treo, paid the ETF, and went with their unlimited data package, over twenty-four months the Sprint contract + Verizon ETF would still be several hundred dollars cheaper.

    I really want a Treo, but can't justify paying $519 for it.

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