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    For those of us who bought Sprint phones and "Verizonized" them, now that there are official Verizon phones for sale, is it possible to somehow "read" or "dump" the firmware from a real Verizon phone and install it onto a Verizonized phone? Or even when a firware update is released for Verizon (none yet), use this as the basis for updating the Sprint phone? The hardware is actually EXACTLY the same, since both carriers use CDMA within the same operating frequency.

    I'm thinking this may fix some of the wierd problems some of us may be having with these phones, as well as give us networking and text messaging back. Anyone thought of this and/or working on it?

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    OK, let me ask the question a little differently. Is it possible to use the ROM dump tool with a real Verizon phone and flash that ROM onto a Sprint phone? Will the ROM tool get everything?
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    I'm looking for the same answer........Anyone!
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    same question here
    that would be cool

    it was possible on the 600
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    bump... someone have input here?
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    I tried just downloading the ROM, but the damn Treo resets itself when it gets to about 53%. This has happened several times, and I disabled Hotsync and turned off everything I could on the Palm. Can't get it to finish!

    Can anyone help?
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    If you want a fast answer - I say go to
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    been there... are you referring to a particular thread there?
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    If there isn't start one - He is really involved there...
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    there is a thread
    but last time i saw
    shadowmite him self has not inputted on this
    if he has
    link to the thread would be appreciated
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    Quote Originally Posted by XistBoi
    If there isn't start one - He is really involved there...
    yep, it's HIS website - but I don't think I have seen anything regarding this. There was some brief idea I read about using the bootloader in *raw* mode, and possibly being able to download the whole ROM to an SD card, but no update as far as that is concerned.

    If anyone learns anything or finds a thread that makes this possible, please link to it here! Thanks!
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    bump... what do you all think about this idea?
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    It is actually discussed on his site. He said we need a ROM update from either Verizon or PalmOne in order to proceed with any custom ROMs. As someone has already attempted, we just can't copy the existing ROM from the Verizon Treo 650 and put it into the Verizonized one.

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