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    Hi All,

    I just purchased a Treo 650 on Friday and expect to become a regular around here hopefully.

    Sprint is starting off on a bad foot with me however. Let me explain: I purchased a treo 650 from I am porting my number from t-mobile, and the sprint rep at told me once I got the phone, all I had to do was to activate the phone and the port process would be completed in a few hours. Fantastic I thought.

    However, Friday night, they started the port process without my permission. Hence, I have no t-mobile coverage, in fact I am left without a phone until the Treo arrives in the mail. This is my only phone, which I use for business and personal, and this is causing me much grief.

    I called sprint yesterday and after enduring one of the worst customer service experiences in my life, I was told they could not port it back, and I would have to wait for the phone to arrive. Several of the CS reps tried to convince me that this is normal, which I find ludicrous.

    Any suggestions?

    (Note - the most helpful suggestion I got was to go to a local sprint store, sign up for another account with a free phone and have them switch the new phones number to my old number, and then return the phone within the 14 day grace. )
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    Through some pain and effort, I have found out more about the situation.

    I orded the phone through I found out that uses Wirefly/inphonic to handle its cell phone business. (Sprint has also entered into some sort of agreement with wirefly.)

    The people at are idiots. After reading a bunch of online reviews about these jokers, I found out that I am not the only one who has had their number ported BEFORE the new phone arrives. I am on day 4 without a phone right now. Not only that, they got the shipping address wrong also.

    Unanswered emails, phone calls, wrong addresses, needlessly time consuming credit check... Never again. I'm going to call and see who handles the warranty service. If its wirefly, I'm returning the phone.

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    Sprint will handle warranty service. Just take it to a corporate Sprint store.

    After all the BS they've put you through you might consider returning it anyway then just buy one direct from a Sprint store. You'd be making calls before you're out of the parking lot.

    just my .02
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    And AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $porting$ $takes$ $a$ $lot$ $longer$ $than$ &$quot$;$a$ $few$ $hours$&$quot$;.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fl00d_pr0z
    And AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $porting$ $takes$ $a$ $lot$ $longer$ $than$ &$quot$;$a$ $few$ $hours$&$quot$;.
    I ported from Verizon to Sprint more than a year ago and it took 3 hours. Just an FYI
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