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    enter a zip code and "treo650" as the promotional code.

    If you're a new customer or off-contract, you get the T650 for $299.99 no hassle. It also has the $100 unlimited data discount people have been talking about.

    Crazy Verizon CS side note related to this: I just was on the phone with CS and they offered me full-retail pricing of $519.99 for the T650. I pointed out that paying the ETF and signing up through this offer, my effective price would be $474.99 ($299.99+$175). I asked if they could get me the phone for that, and they said no.

    I'm pretty much screwed with this... I'm willing to re-up on a two year contract and sign on for unlimited data. My old phone broke last summer, and so I re-upped and am on-contract through summer 2006. Starting to think I'll just suffer from Treo envy until 2006.
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    I am wondering how long it will take to fill the order.
    It looks like the deal is valid if you already have a VZW phone they ask for your exsisting number in one of the sign up screens.

    I am just a little gun shy as to placing the order because I want to get my 650 ASAP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobfitz
    I am just a little gun shy as to placing the order because I want to get my 650 ASAP.
    A friend placed an order for one last week and VZW told her it would be two to three weeks.
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    Was that through this channel?I am getting confused because some are going into their local shops and getting them, some have ordered them over the phone and now there is this online option. I have called around to stores but so far the ones I have checked in Boston did not have them as of the end of last week. I wonder if I could order at to get in line at a good price and then snoop around to see if I can get it even faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobfitz
    Was that through this channel?
    I believe she ordered with VZW over the phone.

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