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    I've now had my VZW Treo 650 for over 10 days, and have used it extensively. I upgraded from a VZW Treo 600, and I like the improvements. So far I have had a very positive experience with the 650, and especially like the improved screen and updated Blazer software. Migrated Docs-to-Go, SnapperMail, and PDAnet to the new system (payed for upgrade of PDAnet) and also have a couple of other apps.

    Only problems encountered... I was having difficulty reliably Hot Syncing when I had the Shadowmite Bluetooth DUN hack installed. Removed it, and no more Hot Sync issues. Also, 3 times I have seen gibberish where normally you would see either "Verizon Wireless" or "Phone Off", but cycling the phone off then back on fixed this for me each time. Have had only a couple of soft resets, each time due to SnapperMail filling memory with duplicate e-mail messages (so really user error there).

    Generally seems to be a very well built phone, and worth the wait for PalmOne and Verizon to work out the glitches.

    Hope your experience is at least as good!
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    how much space does a movie take? what sive SD card do you need?
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