Please help, I'm having some issues with WirelessSync from VZW and it's driving me crazy. I've tried contacting Intellisync and VZW and they were no help. So, I'm turning to TC.

1. When I first installed WS, old messages would get deleted from my device just like the option says, "Delete messages older than 7 days". This worked for a few weeks and then stopped. In the log it says "X Messages Deleted" but it doesn't actually delete them. If I logon to the WS website, they are removed from there but not removed from my device. I uninstalled and reinstalled WS from my Treo 600 and it started working again! For about two weeks and then it stopped. What gives?

2. Okay, this one might be long and confusing but please give me suggestions. I have a home PC and a work PC. I use Outlook on my home PC to read personal email and Outlook on my work PC to read work email. With my old Palm V, I would simply HotSync to both each day so that all my PIM data was the same on both.

So, I started doing this with my 600 as well and everything was working great. Then I installed WirelessSync at work to sync my work email. The calendar began getting messed up. If I would add a new appt. to my home PC's Outlook, then HotSync, it would get added to the device just fine. Then when I would eperform a WirelessSync, the calendar item never seemed to get copied to my work Outlook.

Furthermore, I like keeping long historical appt's in my calendar. Using WirelessSync it will keep the appts in Outlook and remove them from the device. So, then when I go home and sync it sees they are gone from the device so it deletes them from Outlook on my home PC.

I couldn't find a way to tell WS to leave my calendar alone. Only sync new stuff but don't delete old stuff. So, what I did was, I uninstalled the WS PIM HotSync conduit from my work computer. Now when I do a HotSync, it syncs using the Oulook conduits just like back in the Palm V days. I use WS to just sync my email and I've unchecked all other PIM components during a WS. Oh yea, and I can't turn on push b/c that completely ignores any of these options and syncs all PIMs so during my first "push" it deleted all old items from my calendar.

This is a little annoying b/c now I only get my calendar to sync I perform a HotSync and not when I'm on the road.

Anyone have any suggestions for either syncing with two computers OR telling WS to NOT delete any old calnedar data? Now you can see my frustrations with this application. I want it to delete old emails and it won't. I do not want it to delete old calendar items and it does!

Thanks and sorry for the long thread but this is driving me crazy!!!